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Sky is tea limit

€ 19.90

Our SKY IS LIMIT TEA with CBD allows for a rather subtle introduction to the raw flavors of cannabis. We have added gunpower green tea to this unique blend to enhance the overall experience.

Gunpower green tea has antiviral, antibacterial, and anti-carcinogenic properties. It has an antioxidant power superior to other green teas, such as Japanese sencha. Combined with the benefits of organic French hemp, they have an anti-inflammatory and relaxing power. This tea induces a feeling of lightness and vitality.

The effects of our SKY IS LIMIT TEA can be calming for the mind and body. CBD is known for its anti-anxiety, anti-inflammatory, and pain relieving properties. This molecule can increase the general relaxation effects of tea. It works as an adaptogen to eliminate the impact of stress on the body and mind.

Whether it's a severe headache or joint pain, pain and inflammation can have a huge influence on well-being. Our SKY IS LIMIT TEA with CBD offers a powerful alternative to alleviate this pain, reducing the perception of muscle, joint pain, or sprains.

Likewise, CBD also exhibits potent properties to reduce excess inflammation that can stress the immune system. As an anti-inflammatory agent, CBD interacts with receptors in the body to reduce the intensity of stimuli and promote better recovery.

Overall, our SKY IS LIMIT CBD TEA is one of the most subtle and elegant ways to experience the goodness of hemp. It brings together the powerful properties of CBD in an easy-to-dose and delicious form to entice you.