• Happy n 'Good Turquoise Rug
  • Happy n 'Good Turquoise Rug
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Happy n 'Good Turquoise Rug

€ 49.00

Dense, comfortable and light carpets
Ideal for practicing fitness and yoga in optimal comfort!

Their extreme lightness and their cotton handle make them easy to transport.

This reversible carpet has two surfaces of different colors: a non-slip and textured face for a more dynamic practice (such as Vinyasa and Asthanga) and another softer and padded face for a softer practice (such as Yin and l 'Hatha).

100% TPE Thermoplastic elastomers (0% PVC).
Ecological and anti-slip.

3 Available colors: BLUE - TURQUOISE - PINK

Length: 183 cm
Width: 61cm
Thickness: 0,8 cm

Weight: 1,7 kg

Made in China