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  • Yogitoes Yoga Towel - Sunset

Yogitoes Yoga Towel - Sunset

€ 60.00

Lay this yoga towel on your mat to enhance your yoga practice. Ultra absorbent, lightweight and quick-drying, yogitoes® feature patented Skidless® technology, which uses silicone nubs to grip your mat and hold you in place.

Ideal for hot yoga or any sweaty practice and tough enough to take anywhere: to the beach, the gym, Pilates, yoga or while traveling. Eco-friendly, each towel is made with at least one recycled plastic bottle.

Dimension: 172 cms


Wash separately before use. Place your yogitoes® towel on your yoga mat or directly on the floor, point side down. Some practitioners start with a yogitoes® dry towel, while others prefer to lightly moisten the areas under the hands and feet before starting. When you are finished, avoid wrapping wet yogitoes® with your mat.

Made in South Korea