• Bottle Holder - Black
  • Bottle Holder - Black
  • Bottle Holder - Black
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Bottle Holder - Black

€ 4.90

The bottle holder is the ultimate accessory for your 24 Bottles, the most comfortable and stylish solution to carry it safely and with a secure grip, all day long.

Extraordinarily flexible, Bottle Tie won't warp or crack, no matter how you bend it.

Tie it around the neck of your 24Bottles to hold it firmly and wear your water bottle in style, attached to your bag or the buckle of your pants, without any carabiners.

100% silicone
Extremely flexible
Not deformable
Safe and secure
Specially designed for 24Bottles
Suitable for all sizes of Urban and Clima bottles

Brand: 24Bottles


Diameter: ø 3.3 cm 

Weight: 6 g

Hand wash recommended.