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  • OR- Orange blossom water

OR- Orange blossom water

€ 29.00

Orange blossom water has stimulating virtues. Refreshing and regenerating, it is also a real natural tonic, which can be used on the face, body, hair or nails. Very soft, it is suitable for all skin types. It can integrate, without restriction, your daily beauty ritual. Its moisturizing and regenerating properties are also particularly effective on irritated, delicate or dry skin. Spray on the hair to sublimate it by making it stronger and shinier. Use as a skin cleanser or makeup remover. Orange blossom water rebalances, softens, purifies, hydrates and restores radiance to a tired complexion. As a spray on the skin, it prolongs make-up hold and soothes it after prolonged exposure to the sun. Promotes growth, hydrates and whitens nails.


Ingredients: 100% natural - organic ingredients - gluten free - vegan

Manual : After cleansing, spray the floral water on your face, nails and / or hair. Repeat the operation throughout the day if necessary.

Capacity: 100 ml