• L'ELANCEE Organic Infusion (Box: 12s)
  • L'ELANCEE Organic Infusion (Box: 12s)
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L'ELANCEE Organic Infusion (Box: 12s)

€ 10.90

A iinfusion for fresh and light legs.

   : Red vine · Ash · Lime Tree · Matricaria chamomile · Ginger · bergamot · Marshmallow

It all starts with a sweet taste awakening sharpened by the note zesty du Ginger. Then gently invites the matricaria chamomile which develops in length astonishing flavors de yellow, honeyed and floral fruits. As final reinforcement, marshmallow, ash and red vine mix their nuances with this sweet farandole.

The  infusions are drunk hot ... and fresh ! When the good weather arrives, like healthy, refreshing and natural drinks, infuse our infusions hot and let cool, or cold infuse them in the refrigerator for a few hours before tasting.