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  • Infusion Bio FANTASMA (Bulk 80g)
  • Infusion Bio FANTASMA (Bulk 80g)

Infusion Bio FANTASMA (Bulk 80g)

€ 12.70

Ghost, the lemon infusion ginger, as bunch of spices to send your taste buds to 7th heaven.

Ingredients : Ginger · Passionflower · Pink Bay · Cardamom · Lemon · Juniper Bay · cornflower · Laurel

Carried away by the cardamom bewitching and spiced up by the Ginger bold, the attack is powerful and lively. The lemony-spicy notes are linked together passionately, whipped by the light piquancy of  pink berries. lemon then offers a light caress. In the mouth, an ardent length and an intoxicating languor. 

The infusions are drunk hot ... and fresh ! When the good weather arrives, like healthy, refreshing and natural drinks, infuse our infusions hot and let cool, or cold infuse them in the refrigerator for a few hours before tasting.