• LA RADIEUSE Organic Infusion (Box: 12s)
  • LA RADIEUSE Organic Infusion (Box: 12s)
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LA RADIEUSE Organic Infusion (Box: 12s)

€ 10.90

La Radieuse, an infusion like a bouquet of bright and invigorating citrus fruits.

 : Lemongrass leaves · Orange · Apple · Lemon · bergamot

Upon entry, the attack is fresh and zesty, like a citrus bouquet where zesty note du lemon dominates, rounded off by a rounder color chart of bergamot and D'orange. The citronella then join the lemon and enhances his aromatic power while theorange offer a heart more sweet, citrus and greedy, like a candied orange. 

Discover The Radiant in version fresh, the healthy drink et refreshing, the ally of a healthy summer et tasty. Brew it hot and let cool, or brew it cold with refrigerator for a few hours before tasting. Add some carrot slices et basil leaves.