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  • Gua Sha Opal

Gua Sha Opal

€ 25.00

Gua Sha massage brings immediate results on the radiance, texture, shape and health of the skin. Its incredible rejuvenating properties make it our favorite sculpting tool. This is why we created this uniquely shaped Gua Sha that sculpts the contours of the face and improves the circulation of blood, lymph and energies thanks to its curves.

Opal is a highly protective stone for its moisturizing effects and for the joy it brings.

With its high water content, Opal promotes the circulation of body fluids in the body. It acts on the hydration of the skin.

Opal has a calming, soothing effect. It promotes sleep.
It also protects against negative energies. Linked to love and passion, Opal brings happiness and joie de vivre, making it an ideal stone to use for your daily facial treatment. Because of its multiple energies and ability to attract love, it will also encourage you to be positive, to be compassionate, to promote love, kindness and generosity. 

The lymphatic massage it provides helps to evacuate the lymph and the toxins it contains for a luminous and unified complexion, without imperfection. It erases the pockets and deflates the features. 
Gua Sha massage also helps relieve tension in facial muscles and reduce marked wrinkles due to facial expressions such as frown lines, nasolabial folds, etc.

Preparing the skin with a Gha Sha enhances the care properties and is the best basis for applying makeup.

Each tool is unique because they are cut by hand.

The benefits of Gua Sha are immediate and a regular practice will consolidate the results for a face rejuvenated durably.

- Reduces puffiness and dark circles
- Boosts collagen production 
- Lifts the contours of the face, fights against sagging and deflates the features
- Reduces muscle tension and expression lines
- Improves complexion clarity and radiance 
- Improves circulation and oxygenates cells 
- Eliminates toxins responsible for acne and inflammation
- Tightens pores
- Prepares the skin for better penetration of active ingredients