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  • GRP® lite Yoga Mat 4.0 mm - Magic
  • GRP® lite Yoga Mat 4.0 mm - Magic
  • GRP® lite Yoga Mat 4.0 mm - Magic

GRP® lite Yoga Mat 4.0 mm - Magic

€ 90.00

Le yoga mat GRP® lite Magic is the ideal solution for people looking for a yoga mat that is lightweight, of superior quality and comfort and suitable for more cardio practices, such as Asthanga and Bikram yoga. With the GRP® Lite Drop the towel, it provides supreme traction without slipping. Its leather-like surface is made from the charcoal-impregnated rubber core, this is the most innovative to date from Manduka. The sweat-activated grip and no-towing experience are ideal for all hot yoga yogis. This beautiful yoga mat is powerful and really ideal for the studio and on the go.

Durably made in Spain from natural tree rubber and an absorbent PU top layer.

99% latex free. Not recommended for people sensitive to latex ...

Brand: Manduka

Dimensions : 180 cm x 66 cm; 4,0 mm thick


Weight: 1,7 kg

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