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BEM organizes well-being days around different themes each time entitled "BEM Experience". The first edition will be placed under the theme of Vinyasa yoga on June 6, 2020 and is for everyone, expert yogis or beginners, looking for sensations and time for themselves. The number of places is limited to allow participants to take advantage of the lessons given in the best possible conditions. Do not delay reserving your place for this exceptional wellness day.

Program :

9:30 am-10am: Home


10 am-11am Transformative flow masterclass by Caroline Perrineau:

Caroline is interested in the work of the mind in the practice of yoga and has reworked her lessons to mix moments of greater intensity with effort and repetition into her sequences. Its goal ? Let the body and movement take over. Stop controlling everything and learn to go beyond the limits you impose on yourself.

This yoga is for initiates, who master the basics of yoga.

11:30 am-12pm Maël Texier, Meditation:

A meditation session focused on breathing, with first a transition made of movements in harmony with the breath, then an elongated meditation called "bodyscan ".

12 p.m. - 14 p.m. Lunch break

14 pm-15:30pm Masterclass Fiona Iménéo:

Through this masterclass we will explore the heart chakra and the air element in the body. Lightness and softness we will accompany throughout the practice to clean and open the energy space of our heart. An invigorating and liberating flow. We're going to be in the air together ...

15:30 p.m. - 16 p.m. Claudine Iménéo, hypnotherapist:

Claudine offers you a group hypnosis session. The goal is a deep letting go. Reach a state between waking and sleeping ... relax the body and free the unconscious through soothing metaphors.
After such an experience the benefits are immediate and, depending on your conscious desire, can last over time ...
Nb: Does not replace medical treatment. Non-therapeutic session.

Our teachers:



Caroline Vinyasa Yoga teacher for more than 4 years in Paris, Caroline has developed a yoga combining strength and flexibility. Recently, she reworked her lessons to mix moments of greater intensity with effort and repetition into her yoga sequences. Caroline shares on social networks her news (retreats, workshops) and her advice via her Instagram page @theyoginist and her website



“Having practiced martial arts for more than 10 years, I made the decisive encounter with Yoga now more than 11 years ago, at a pivotal period in my life.

The practice of vinyasa flow was a revolution for me and I was able to really discover and understand how yoga can overflow my mat and invite itself into all aspects of my life. This alchemical yoga has truly transformed me.

After several years of practice, I made the choice to train myself in 2015. A one-year training cycle during which I was able to teach weekly for 6 months.

My practice and my teaching are deep and multiple, I have in heart to transmit with authenticity my experience of Yoga and to accompany my pupils in the discovery of this practice ... alchemical ».

Instagram: @fiona_imeneo


"Libre comme l'air" is a start-up founded in 2016 by Maël Texier in Marseille. The envy of this former commercial director in real estate: to make the whole planet meditate! and to do so, she embarked on the daring project of making meditation trendy with fun lessons accessible to all.

Claudine IMENEO, hypnotherapist

I discovered hypnosis as a patient at the age of 27, a time when this practice was not widespread. The impressive results made me want to make it my job to help others ... so I changed my life.
I obtained my higher diploma of Ericksonian hypnosis in 2012 as well as that of EMDR for in particular post traumatic stress. I have been practicing for 7 years now with passion and even today, I am blown away by the results that can be obtained. I work with Aix / Marseille psychiatrists and psychologists for complementary and truly effective teamwork.
Member of the hypnotherapists union.

*** the DAY price includes access to all the practice sessions & workshops of the program

*** the HALF-DAY rate includes access to only one session

*** meal not included (separate purchase)

*** non-refundable ticket