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  • Incense "Take me to the yoga Shala"

Incense "Take me to the yoga Shala"

€ 16.00

"Awakening, reconnection, recovery, relaxation"

A minimal and natural composition

Made from 100% natural and vegan Ayurvedic wood, plants and herbs.

Free from all of the substances found in suspiciously low-priced incense, such as perfumes, synthetics and animal fats. It is also free from essential oils.

Where it is made:

In a magical Ashram located in the Himalayan mountains, by Yogis.


20 incense sticks, about 14cm so that it is not too strong for small areas 

Her perfume ?

Sandalwood, of course. Loved by everyone. Blended with Ayurvedic Himalayan herbs. Unique. Not overpowering or over-scented. Subtle. 

When to burn?

We suggest it morning or la journee.

Marked inside the box:

“Be warned: scent may inspire the desire to book a yoga retreat. "