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  • Incense "I found myself in the famale orgy"

Incense "I found myself in the famale orgy"

€ 16.00

 "Calm and happy mind"  

A minimal and natural composition

Made from 100% natural and vegan Ayurvedic wood, plants and herbs.

Free from all of the substances found in suspiciously low-priced incense, such as perfumes, synthetics and animal fats. It is also free from essential oils.

Her perfume ?

Jatamansi: woody with warm notes of honey. Sensual and exotic. Jalamansi is a sacred Ayurvedic plant from the honeysuckle family, grown only on "the roof of the world" in the Himalayas. Blended with Ayurvedic Himalayan herbs. A unique touch. Not too strong nor too fragrant. Subtle. 

When to burn?

We suggest as an evening incense.

Ayurvedic herbs heal and relax.

Marked inside the box:

“Be warned: scent may inspire all-female fantasies. "