• Lavish Bra - Anthracite
  • Lavish Bra - Anthracite
  • Lavish Bra - Anthracite
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Lavish Bra - Anthracite

€ 69.50

La Lavish bra, is simple but effective. This bra with thin straps that hug between the shoulders and a wide elastic band that supports the chest. She marries the Alo Anthracite leggings.

Tested by the ALO in-house team for a perfect fit

Brand: ALO Yoga

Tips for choosing size:  ALO is an American brand and the sizes are above French standards. For example, for a French 90B, the equivalent size at ALO is an S.

composition: 86% Polyester, 14% Spandex  

Maintenance tips : wash in cold water, delicate cycle.

Made in Vietnam.