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Paradise Bottle

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The ultimate stainless steel bottle!

This bottle does not compare to any other in terms of performance and aesthetics.

Completely airtight and insulated by its double walls encircling a central vacuum, it keeps the cold during 24 hours and warm for 12 hours.

Its design is elegant and uncluttered. The bottle is equipped with a COOLER CARRY BAG cover that not only protects it against shocks or scratches, but also improves its thermal insulation.

Made of 5 neoprene mm thick, it is equipped with a handle for better portability.

Soft zipper closure 'Save Our Oceans'.

The covers are easy to wash in the machine.

Dimensions 500 ml: diam. 7 cm / h. 26 cm

Dimensions 750 ml: diam. 7,5 cm / h. 30 cm

La Paradise Bottle has a copper finish and the printed cover Floral blue, mauve and pink.