• Facial & self-massage discovery workshop - September 25, 2021
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Facial & self-massage discovery workshop - September 25, 2021

€ 10.00

Our skin is not just a wrapper that envelops our body. It plays an essential role in the proper functioning of our body. Beyond being a shield for the body, it is one of the five emunctory organs involved in the processes of eliminating toxins. It protects us and it allows us to feel sensations thanks to its thousands of nerve endings. It participates in our relational development by influencing our image and personal esteem.
Course of the workshop:

We will first discuss the key steps in a daily and weekly skincare routine to do at home in order to have healthy and glowing skin. We will talk about some simple habits to put in place as well as key assets to integrate into your routine.

Secondly, I will show you some self-massage exercise techniques to practice at home.
A draining technique to activate circulation and boost the complexion.
A toning technique to preserve the firmness of the muscles of the cheekbones and finally a stimulating technique to give a boost and prevent the onset of signs of aging.

The workshop will take place at Appart BEM on Saturday September 25 at 10 a.m. accompanied by a breakfast and it will be guided by @mariecoirault_facialiste

10 face-to-face places / 5 Zoom places

Duration: 2 hour