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BEM Store, your yoga outfit

The practice of yoga is experiencing a tremendous boom today and more and more men and women are looking for comfortable and aesthetic clothes to accompany them in each of their postures. At BEM Store we are committed to offering novice yogis but also confirmed yogis yoga outfits so well cut that they can easily go from the yoga studio to the city. We are extremely attentive to the quality of the outfits we offer for sale: leggings, bras, yoga combinations, sweaters and other yoga mats. Our products are handpicked and selected from the leading brands of yoga clothing in Brazil but also in England and the United States. Thanks to BEM Store, the most beautiful sets of the biggest international brands specializing in yoga are finally available for sale in France!

Comfortable clothes for yoga

To make the most of the benefits of a yoga session, you need to be perfectly supported and maintained. That's why we choose yoga clothes ultra comfortable and lightweight. The fabrics that compose them are very soft, very light and are specially designed to absorb the moisture released by the body during each session. Sweating is a perfectly normal phenomenon when practicing yoga because the temperature of the body increases: it is the process of cleansing and purification of the body (especially during a session of Vinyasa Yoga or ashtanga, yoga so-called "dynamic"). A good yoga outfit should allow the absorption of perspiration not to deconcentrate the yogi in his practice. Then, in order to get the most out of your yoga session, the garment must be stretchy whether it's your yoga leggings or your yoga bra. During a yoga class or even when you practice alone, your outfits should be flexible and very stretchy. Indeed, yoga requires practitioners to train their flexibility. Needless to say, a yoga leggings or bra must be able to accompany each movement with the greatest fluidity. Yoga clothes, more than those of any other sporting activity, must be forgotten. Light and flexible, they discreetly accompany each posture, each movement. You can then focus in peace on your postures, your breathing, your meditation. 

Practice yoga with style and elegance

Moreover, and this is certainly where the brand BEM Store is different from others, we want to allow women who love yoga to pass without having to change the yoga studio in the city. We believe that the clothes you need to practice yoga can easily blend into your wardrobe. Thus, you can associate with much elegance your daily clothes and your yoga. More than just "sports" clothing, our collections offer our clients the opportunity to express a true art of living in which meditation, asanas, breathing, concentration and daily life blend together!

The collections of the major international brands

Finally, BEM .Store is a yoga boutique that puts all of the women who love yoga and who want to be elegant during their sessions, to benefit simply and in a few clicks from all the most beautiful models of foreign brands. especially American (like Alo yoga) or Brazilian. We select the most beautiful models for you. Our collections are regularly updated so that each of our customers can afford the last leggings, brassieres or yoga bras the largest non-established brands in France.