Running Collection

Running clothes for women

At BEM store we love women who like to push themselves and go beyond their limits. We love the clothes that accompany these women in their physical efforts. This is why we have selected from all the major international sports brands the models of pants, bras or T-shirt that are best suited to the effort and the most comfortable. Running requires a great physical effort but also a great mental effort. Running gear should not interfere with this double effort. The running garment must be so comfortable that it must be forgotten. Our models are made of ultra-technical materials and fabrics that let perspiration through while accompanying each movement. Our models of jackets and pants are waterproof and allow you to run in the rain or in windy weather.

Shimmering colors and ultra chic cuts to run

The technicality of the racing garment should not hinder its design and cut. At BEM Store, sports outfits are all handpicked for their colors but also their cuts. We like the idea that a piece of clothing can go from a sports session to the city without it being noticed. Colors, design, comfort and technicality: these are the key words for good running performance.

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