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Brazilian origin, I studied in the United States, and I am now living in France where I live for more than ten years. Architect training, I practiced classical and modern dance for many years, before focusing on the practice of Yoga there is more than 15 years ...

It is from the meeting of these three passions that this site was born: that of the sport and the desire to surpass oneself, that of the journey and the need to discover and to open oneself to the others and finally that of the art and a constant aspiration to beauty and aesthetics.

Very quickly these passions have become "art de vivre": that of combining the need for a daily sport practice with the need to fulfill the obligations of an active woman - who is more of a mother ... That of practicing Yoga and Running in different situations and environments: at home or at work, alone, with family or friends, inside or out, in my country or in another country ...

Then this "art of living" has become over time a desire, that of searching the world collections and brands not present in France for a daily practice of sports or cultural activities. That of putting comfortable, modern and aesthetic sportswear at your fingertips, designed and made in compliance with indisputable ethical values.

In short, this site is above all for me the will - and the secret hope - to make your daily life more convenient, more pleasant and more aesthetic!