Let yourself be guided by the asana cards

YOGARU is a card game, dedicated to all yogis. The 108 posture-asana cards are designed to be your "sequence guide" (all levels of experience). Your practice will then be more accessible at home, while traveling or to plan your yoga class.

Each card has alignment markers, level guide, anatomical coding, and Sanskrit / English asana names. They also come with an easy-to-follow sequence guide, with examples and a complete list of the benefits of asana poses, to help you tailor them to your needs.
Yogaru cards are designed and illustrated by a certified yoga teacher.



The cards are divided into Asana families, from warm-up to catering.

There are two different ways to build your sequence - simply choose a selection of asanas using the Levels guide to suit your experience level or choose a Peak pose you want to work towards and use the anatomical coding system. to build your sequence.

Level Guide - Each map has a level guide to help you choose the appropriate poses for your level of experience.

If you are a beginner, choose a range of 1 level maps; if you are intermediate, introduce 2 level cards; and if you have advanced practice, include 3 level cards.

Choose a range of different poses, starting with the warm-up and ending with the restore.

For all 30 minutes of practice include 5 minutes of Savasana.

Tip Pose - Cards also feature a collection of anatomical codes to help you understand which muscles in the body are to stretch and / or strengthen.
In a sequence, start by identifying a "peak pose" that you would like to explore. Then choose a selection of poses from a variety of families that work one or more of the muscle groups in your chosen pose. Work from simple poses to more difficult poses.

A well-rounded practice will include all families - starting with warm-up and ending with restoration.

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