Yoga Mats, Towels and Bricks

Yoga Mat by BEM Store 

Find here all the most beautiful yoga mats from the biggest brands of mats. Finely selected models so that the practice of asanas is as comfortable as possible. Items selected for their quality and low impact on the environment. 

Yoga towels by BEM Store

Yoga towels yogitoes® are efficient and the most reliable in the world. Placed on your yoga mat, they will help you avoid slipping when you start to sweat and thus improve your yoga practice. 
Ideal for hot yoga or any sweaty practice and durable enough to take anywhere: to the beach, to the gym, to Pilates or when traveling. Eco-friendly, each towel is made with at least four recycled plastic bottles.

Yoga brick by BEM Store

Opt for bricks to gain flexibility without hurting yourself. An essential for many disciplines: yoga, pilates, gentle gym ...