Yoga Bras

A classy and comfortable yoga bra!

Whatever your bust or hat, it is fundamental to practice yoga with a good yoga bra. You can choose on our store a model of bra or yoga bra. Of course, like your yoga leggings or your yoga combination, your yoga bra will be ultra soft and comfortable. No way to wear a bra with whales and frames! Seams should be invisible, imperceptible for a soft and comfortable yoga session. By the way, all of our womens yoga clothing are finely selected for their comfort, essential for any sporting activity.

Optimum support of your chest

The effective maintenance of the chest during any sporting activity is very important. Without good support, your chest becomes heavy and painful. This is especially difficult for women who practice yoga and who have a strong chest. Without good support, these women can not consider practicing a sport without pain and embarrassment. The choice of bra should be a priority.

An ultra comfortable yoga bra

When you are upside down as in a "mukha svanasana adho", your breasts should not hang or pull on your back. Similarly, when riding on your back in the "Garbha Pindasana" posture you should not be bothered by the closure of the bra that is usually in the back. Our yoga bras are designed so that at no time are you bothered by the seams, armatures or closures of your bra. The key word: comfort and softness for your breasts!

A sports bra but sexy

You know it at BEM Store we like to combine comfort and beauty. It is in this perspective that we have selected for our customers, a series of super sexy yoga bras. Laced in the back, lace, or with a bare back, our bras are available in many sober or flashy colors for a rendering always very feminine. Your yoga bra will follow you throughout the day, in the studio and in the city. In our store you will find a very nice selection of models at Alo yoga. Quickly discover our models of yoga clothes in our yoga shop.

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