Running Bra

How to buy your bra for the Running?

All women who have generous breasts know this well. The running sessions are conditioned by the comfort and support of their chest. A bad bra and the session is missed or even impossible to hold on the length. It also becomes painful in the back which has to compensate. So at BEM Store we have chosen super comfortable and perfectly adjustable bra models for millimeter support. 

  • Choosing a sports bra? Know your measurements

No need to start buying a sports bra if you do not know perfectly your measurements (chest measurement at the nipple and cup size).

  • Pay attention to the size indications provided by the brand

Our brands do not always cut exactly the same way as French sports brands. That is why it is wise to read the possible indications stipulated on the product sheet.

  • Feel beautiful

Nothing is more important (after comfort!) To feel beautiful in your running bra. At BEM our bras are so beautiful that you can wear them under a sports t-shirt as under a silk blouse or blouse ...

We offer you a whole range of Women's running clothing : 

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