Yoga pants

Yoga pants by BEM Store

All yogis and yoginis will tell you, no need to try to participate in a yoga class if you do not have the proper attire. To practice yoga, you must wear a comfortable, flexible, lightweight fabric that does not interfere with your freedom of movement. Whether you practice dynamic yoga like ashtanga yoga or vinyasa yoga or softer yoga like hatha-yoga, you will need a comfortable yoga outfit. The yoga pants is a centerpiece in your outfit. It will be soft and sewn in a soft and lightweight fabric. It will not tighten you too much on the belt, will be large enough not to interfere in your movements but not too much either because it may embarrass you in your postures. A fragile balance that we know well as yoga professionals. In the same way, you should select all your yoga clothes: your yoga top, your brassiere Or your yoga bra.

Fluid yoga pants

Some practitioners are uncomfortable with tight yoga leggings. For these people, BEM Store offers a selection of beautiful fluid and resistant yoga pants that will give your practice all the lightness and freedom of movement you want. These pants can be long trousers that go up to the ankle but can also be trousers type "Corsair" (Pants 3 / 4). There is also a lot of jogging pants with a crotch located in the middle of the thighs for more freedom of movement.

Pants for your pilates session

Our selection of yoga pants are perfectly suited to the practice of pilates. Indeed, even if these two practices are different, they are similar in many points.

Stylish yoga pants

Our selection of pants allows you to practice and get out of your yoga studio without having to change as our models are chic and elegant. Whether you opt for pants or for a yoga leggings, all our models are selected for their comfort and their aesthetic qualities. Your pants will therefore be beautiful and comfortable or will not be!

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