A second skin ...

It is according to the seasons, the wind, a touch, a mood or a need that Vanessa Trevette, thinks, manufactures and renovates her clothes.

It is then that the sensation of a second skin is born, the extension of a story, but always through the vibrant touch of a material that wears out over time and practice.

Lily Plum was born in 2011, when Vanessa discovered bikram yoga and began to practice it regularly. In search of outfits on the market, prints that speak to her, fluid and light materials, Vanessa quickly decides to create her brand while remaining in a process of local and individual production.

When she starts practicing yoga (ashtanga and vinyasa), she decides to adapt her outfits and A confidential collection of outfits as light as a feather has hatched, which perfectly envelop the movement. 

Today, Lilyplum clothing is primarily designed for yogis, but remains just as ideal for anyone who works on the move, or for streetwear fans.