Yoga leggings

Treat yourself to beautiful and comfortable BEM Store yoga leggings

Whether you are a beginner or experienced yogi, it is essential to wear comfortable and suitable clothing when practicing yoga. Contrary to what one might think, a yoga session requires significant physical effort. The yoga pants must discreetly accompany each movement of the body while ensuring the absorption of perspiration. Thick seams and labels are therefore to be banned. Ideally, good yoga leggings should be stretchy, comfortable, breathable, and beautiful! The woman yoga clothing must be comfortable and beautiful at the same time.

Leggings that accompany body movements

During a yoga session, there are many postures that require intense work on the legs and pelvis. The yoga leggings should be able to facilitate the implementation of each asana and be forgotten. Yogis especially like seamless leggings that go high just below the belly button. The feeling of maintaining the pelvis and legs is fundamental. We also like those who offer a wide belt for an even more intense feeling of support. At no time should the stiffness of the fabric or the seams hinder the movement of the body. We carefully choose each yoga pants based on the softness and flexibility of the fabrics: Cotton and Spandex, Polyester and Spandex, Nylon and Spandex. Note that we really like cotton leggings. Cotton is a great material for yoga because its fibers are breathable. You can combine your leggings with a yoga bra selected by us. Indulge yourself and also test a yoga combination at BEM Store!

Leggings selected from major foreign brands

The brands proposed in our online yoga shop were for the most part difficult to access in France. Thanks to BEM Store, you can finally treat yourself to the yoga stockings of your dreams at BEM Store. You finally have access to the magnificent creations of these foreign brands that have nothing to envy to traditional French brands. We love the cuts, designs, patterns and colors of these leggings from North America or Brazil. Sublime models will accompany you with elegance and style during your yoga classes. Quickly discover the brands' leggings Alo yogaYoga Leggs, Electric & Rose2Peace2Dance...

Yoga leggings for women for the yoga studio and also for real life!

Gone are the days of ugly and poorly cut leggings. With BEM Store you can walk proudly with your yoga leggings. Matching your yoga stockings with your everyday clothes is a breeze as the colors and patterns of our yoga pants are chic and elegant. With BEM Store yoga clothes and leggings in particular finally come out of the studio and accompany you with elegance throughout your day, before and after your practice.

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