Women's Running Leggings

Treat yourself to a beautiful running legging!

We often tend to neglect our running clothes to focus only on the purchase of our running shoes. It is a mistake ! If shoes are essential to the comfort and performance of the runner, her outfit is nonetheless essential. What are the essential assets of a good running tights? How to choose your women's running leggings at BEM STORE?

Define your needs

Do you run at night when it's cold and even in the rain? You only run if the weather is nice in summer? Do you run once a month? Do you run every day? The answers to these questions will depend intimately on the choice of your running leggings. At BEM Store we choose models designs and techniques tailored for larger runners as for Sunday runners. In any case, elegance is never put aside! On the contrary ...

The details of the BEM Store running tights

Our leggings are ultra well designed. Some have really practical details when running like side pockets that allow you to slip your cell phone, music and car keys.

Ultra technical fabrics

When we run we sweat a lot. This perspiration can interfere with running sessions. Our products are all sewn from materials that wick away perspiration. 

All our Running products are there:

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