Sportsman Care, Recovery & Well-being 

ELEMAT is a French brand of care for athletes. Born from the meeting of enthusiasts, Eleonora Cattaneo and Matthieu Lourme, two amateur triathletes.

With the help of French laboratories specialized in body care, Eleonora and Matthieu have developed a range of healthy and effective products, intended for all athletes, whatever their discipline, their level of engagement and their playing field.

These are cares for women and men who listen to their bodies.

"It is in the muscle recovery routine that we learn to respect and take care of our body to prolong the positive effects of sports.
We seek solutions to our daily needs as athletes without making any concessions on quality, pleasure and sensoriality. We have therefore developed our formulas from ingredients of natural origin known for their virtuous properties in terms of preparation and muscle recovery. We looked for a scent and textures that provide "instant" benefit.

"ELEMAT was born out of this balance that we would like to share today. "