Born to be worn, the Dharma Bums garment was designed with love, care and passion.


Created by Debbie Lawson and Mat Guthrie, Dharma Bums was founded in 2013 in Australia.

The brand is inspired by the setting and breathtaking scenery of the Sydney beaches where Dharma Bums is based. The talented designers of Dharma Bums create each design from a new idea, exclusively for you.

From origin to creation, Dharma Bums has an unwavering commitment to ethical supply chains and the quality of the end product.

From the beginning, the brand has established relationships with small Australian factories who believe in what they do. They are committed to quality and, more importantly, are certified for their ethical approach according to the BSCI standard. Dharma Bums still works today with these same factories. As they grow, they call on new partners who share their values. All of these partners are certified by independent international organizations that audit their operations and are all BSCI accredited.

The BSCI certification features 11 criteria to make the apparel industry a fair and safe place to work. It is thanks to this transparency that we at BEM decided to open the doors to Dharma! WELCOME Dharrma !!!