Once upon a time BEM

Originally from Brazil, architect and designer, sports enthusiast, Marta founded BEM Store in 2017. During a Yoga retreat in the south of France, she met Gaëlle, Franco-Mexican, specialist in human resources, professional coach and passionate about sports too. The feeling immediately passes between them.

It is in Aix en Provence that these two active and Latin American mothers meet and join forces, as is obvious at the start of 2021. 

Why “BEM”?

The name BEM is an abbreviation of the “Body Energy Mind” trilogy. You should also know that BEM means "GOOD" in Portuguese, Marta's native language.

What is the dream, the raison d'être of BEM?

Diffuse energy and support women towards alignment of body and mind by harmonizing their daily lives.

What BEM offers you 

  • Comfortable, modern and aesthetic clothing for sport or the city;
  • High quality accessories, which will allow you to improve your sports or meditation practice;
  • Body care that's good for you and the planet.

BEM: A philosophy ...

The BEM e-shop is a concept that goes beyond sales. BEM embodies a philosophy, "to be inspired by the modern, active woman, who seeks a balance between well-being and style".

Capture energy, capture BEM!