Yoga bra

How to choose a yoga bra for your practice?

At BEM Store we have selected a superb range of yoga bra. These combine all the qualities necessary for a yoga bra that satisfies the vast majority of women who practice yoga. They are adapted to the practice of all types of yoga: Ashtanga yoga, Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa yoga and even pilates. All meet these four indissociable criteria and essential to any yoga bra worthy of the name. To choose them we trusted the biggest international yoga brands: 2Peace2Dance or even Electric & Rose.

Ultra comfortable yoga tops

The very first quality necessary for a woman yoga clothing is obviously comfort. It should be forgotten during your yoga sessions. It will be comfortable, ultra flexible and light while at the same time ensuring perfect support for your chest. It is the combination of support and comfort that primarily defines a quality product. Whether you practice yoga or pilates, it should allow you to perform all the movements of each posture without hindering you. The seams are soft and imperceptible. When you are on your back, on your side, on your stomach and even upside down, the pressure of the seams or cuts of the fabric is not felt for optimal comfort. Without reinforcement and without whale you forget it completely and you can focus 100% on your postures, your breathing, your concentration.

Breathable bras

Then, it must be made of so-called "breathable" fabrics and materials. Why? Because the practice of yoga or pilates generates a process of cleansing the body which consequently sweats. This perspiration must be able to be quickly eliminated by the fabric of your outfit so as not to disturb you during your session. Thus, even during a long and very physical yoga session (especially if the weather is hot), the yogi is not distracted and can continue the sequence of his postures in peace. Comfort is essential and that goes through the choice of fabrics and materials. Associate your yoga leggings with your bra. Treat yourself also if you wish a sublime yoga combination in our store!

For the practice of pilates

Your yoga top is very useful during your practice but also when you practice other sports such as pilates or fitness. Our models are your allies when you exercise indoors or outdoors. They are so comfortable that many of our customers wear them during the day, even outside of any sport! Worn alone or under a sports t-shirt, it is your ally!

Very elegant yoga outfits

Finally, and this is a priority at BEM Store, our yoga bras are beautiful! Take a look at our yoga shop online and appreciate the line and aesthetics of the models chosen from our favorite brands. The colors are sober and elegant, the cuts feminine and refined. So that our customers are guaranteed to benefit from this elegance, we choose our models from major brands such as:   Alo yoga , Manduka ou Varley.

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