Meeting with Clémence Founder of Abhaya Shala in Paris.

Clemency, how did yoga come into your life?

Jivamukti Yoga
I'm one of those people that yoga saved and actually in the first class I knew it was going to be my life, it was obvious. And I left everything to devote myself entirely to learning and teaching ...

I had the great chance to learn and graduate 500 hours in vinyasa by Gérard Arnaud. Master of which I am still classes today in Paris. And then I discovered jivamukti.

It is a yoga discipline that is a derivative of Ashtanga but above all that is guided by five very strong principles. It offers a path to enlightenment through compassion for all beings.

What are the main principles of jivamukti yoga?

The first important point is in Ahimsa: that is, a compassionate non-violent way of life that extends to others, to animals, to the environment.

And then the notion of Bhakti: recognizing that self-actualization is the goal of all yoga practices, there is a fixation of a high intention for the practice.

Dhyana: meditation.

Nada: developing a body and a healthy mind through a deep listening: the music, the silence of the teacher's voice.

And finally Shastra: study of ancient texts including Sanskrit songs.

Every month a theme is discussed and all over the world all classes of jivamukti yoga study this theme: it gives a crazy power to our intentions, meditation ... A deep connection to everything around us.
And so today I teach these two methods.

For me, we do not do yoga: we are yogis. These methods help us to move towards a better understanding of oneself and therefore of others. And from the moment we understand the other, we can not reject it anymore. A path to freedom and peace maybe ...

Can you tell us about BEM Store?

BEM store... it is above all the meeting with its creator! We share the same values ​​of ethics, love and respect. Its selection is just top notch, the products as technical as they are beautiful! And I admit regularly cracking the tops "spiritual gangsters" and I look forward to the brand "Alo yoga" that I discovered in Los Angeles and that I never leave.

Clémence, founder
7, Laurent Pichat
75116 - Paris