Meeting with Fiona, professor of Vinyasa Flow in Aix-en-Provence.

Vinyasa Flow with Fiona

My meeting with Marta and BEM Store

I've known Marta for a number of years now, and that's right now. We quickly created links beyond my classes, beyond the weekly sessions.

One day Marta wrote me a message, it was a weekday I remember, and she asked me to come and have tea at home with friends, a little mysterious, she had something to show me. I remember, I wore a blue silk skirt (which I adore: d), she had her big communicative smile at the entrance to her beautiful house waiting for me. She had always taken care to receive us with healthy pastries and homemade (you should know that being a guest at home is an experience in itself as it takes care to welcome and pamper its guests).

She then introduced us to the premises of her project. It was a little over a year ago, she was already creating BEM Store. Since that day I am very close to his work, his beautiful choices and especially qualitative. She trusted me to pose and test her clothes, and since then we have many common events and relationships that continue to grow.


My training

I am a teacher of Vinyasa Flow since about 3 years and a half and yogini since 10 years (and nurse too). The practice I impart is very dynamic, deep, nourishing and physically demanding. I have the deep conviction that there is as much yoga as teacher, that we transmit what we are first and foremost.

For me the same session, at the posture near, is no longer the same session if it is taught by someone else. And that is the richness of the teachings, their authenticity. Each practice is a trip that we and my students make together.

I love creating this group energy that transports us together. I like that yoga is in the image of life, sometimes intense, rough even and sometimes (or at the same time) fluid and soft. Everything is a matter of balance, both on the carpet and in life. I create my sessions through the seasons and the energy that nature produces around us. Each course is linked to an element (Water, Earth, Fire, Air, Space), but it is also a work on our chakras and of course with our physical body. Matter.

Having practiced during 10 years martial arts and being very sporty since always, I have at heart to transmit certain values ​​of integrity in the practice but what I love the most, it is to help my pupils to find their limits, to recognize them (to accept them too) and to repel them with their deep strength and not their ego.

Obviously it is BEM that accompanies me in each of my practices, whether on the Yoga mat or outside when I go running, cross-fit or paddle :)

I like everything, but what I prefer is the sobriety of the technical clothes Varley. It's simple I like all the collections and I can wear them all the time. It is true that between my work as a nurse and my classes, I am in search of simplicity and time saving, so what interests me is to be able to wear my yoga clothes or sports in town too .

Sometimes the timing is so tight that I just have time to put on a sweater and sneakers before leaving to give a class. That's what I appreciate at Varley I can mix the pieces with other clothes without turning into a unicorn :) and beyond the aesthetic (which is very important to feel good in his practice and in his body I like the support they offer and I love the material of the tops.

In short I am a yoga teacher but also addicted to clothing, I love my pleasure and mix different parts. Finally, that's what I like most about BEM the possibility to express our personality, there is something for all tastes and all styles.


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