YOGARU is in card game, dedicated to all yogis. The 108 ASANA cards are designed as a sequence guide, for all levels of experience, to make your practice more accessible at home, while traveling or to plan a class.

Each map has alignment marks, a level guide, an anatomical coding, and asanas names in Sanskrit / English. The maps also come with an easy-to-follow sequence guide, sample sequences, and a full list of asana benefits to help you adapt to your needs. Designed and illustrated by a certified yoga teacher.

The cards are divided into Asana families, from warm-ups to catering. There are two different ways to build your sequence - just pick a selection of asanas using the Levels guide to suit your level of experience or choose a Peak pose you want to work with and use the anatomical coding system to build your sequence.

Level Guide - Each map has a level guide to help you choose the appropriate poses for your level of experience.

If you are a beginner, choose a range of 1 level maps; if you are intermediate, introduce 2 level cards; and if you have advanced practice, include 3 level cards.

Choose a range of different poses - starting with the warm up and ending with the restoration.

For all 30 minutes of practice include 5 minutes of Savasana.

Advanced Pose - Maps also include a collection of anatomical codes to help you understand which muscles in the body are stretched and / or strengthened.

When sequencing, start by identifying a "peak pose" that you would like to explore. Next, choose a selection of poses from a variety of families that work one or more of the muscle groups of your chosen pose. Work from simple poses to more difficult poses.

A well-rounded practice will include all families - starting with warm-up and ending with restoration.