Women's Running Tops

How to choose your Running T-shirt at BEM Store?

Step 1: Choose the right size of running shirt

The first step is to define the size of the T-shirt you need for your running sessions. On each product sheet we give many elements that will allow you to choose the right size. It is very important to be attentive in particular with regard to the American or Brazilian sizes which are often different from the French equivalents.

Step 2: Define your needs

We will not necessarily choose the same models if we run every day or if we run occasionally. Likewise, you will have to be attentive to the conditions in which you run: in the sand on the beach, in the evening in winter, in the rain, etc. The running outfit will be adjusted according to these different criteria.

Step 3: Have fun!

Finally, and this is fundamental for us, choose running clothes that make you happy and in which you find yourself beautiful!

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