Running Bras

How to choose the right Running Bra?

A bra for running or for sport in general is not chosen lightly. Maintaining the chest is an essential element of the comfort of the runner. It is therefore important to take the time to choose the right sports bra if you want to make a smart purchase. Here are some tips and advice that will help you choose the right bra model.

Tip 1: Measure your chest well

Many women do not know their breast size well and choose underwear that is ill-fitting for them. We therefore strongly advise you to bring a flexible meter and to make the precise measurement of your chest measurement. Likewise define your cup size.

Tip 2: Define the characteristics of your running bra

If you run once a month or if you run every day, your bra does not necessarily have to have the same technical characteristics. If you have a large chest, support will be really essential to the comfort of your running outings. Smaller breasts will require a less powerful support but still present. 

Tip 3: Treat yourself to the bra you like!

Who said that sport should rhyme with boredom and sadness? The sports bra that you are going to buy must above all please you and reveal the sportswoman that is in you! Then fall for a comfortable and elegant bra that enhances your beauty.

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