Women's Running Shorts

The Running Short: your ally for performance

We like to wear it in summer when running sessions become more difficult and more demanding with the heat. The running shorts are not an ordinary garment but a technical garment which will make the difference! At BEM we have selected two types of running shorts for women. The first is loose shorts that let air and sweat through naturally. These models will easily go from the sports session to the shopping outing in town. The second is a "cyclist running" type model which is, as we can guess, very close to the body and very gaining. 

Colorful and cheerful running shorts

At BEM Store we do not leave room for gloom and we always choose very colorful models. Our leopard print shorts, landings or camouflage are always very successful. 

Chic & technical shorts!

As always in our shop we love beautiful cuts and models that enhance the beauty of women. You will be amazed to see how the cuts, the shapes and the details of our shorts (like the pockets for example) are beautiful and well thought out.

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