Meeting with Virya Neang, yoga teacher and massage practitioner in Marseille.

Natha Yoga and Yoga Nidra
Dense, soft and deep, the yoga taught by Virya has the particularity of adapting to everyone (both beginners and experienced, pregnant women or elderly), using asanas (postures) of stretching, relaxation and openings, rebalancing and regenerating pranayamas (breaths), as well as rejuvenating sound relaxations, enhanced by Nidra (yoga of sleep).

Natha Yoga and the first yoga of Benares. It is a no-frills practice at the crossroads of body relaxation and mental mastery. The vigilance that one carries with one's own body, allows to relax and live it differently, out of unhealthy automatisms. In this process breathing is central but the posture will give it its full dimension: thanks to simple and clear instructions, to understand the narrow space connecting breath and structure is a window open to calm and self-control. The use of Tibetan bowls is common to accompany the breath and meditative postures.

This yoga develops health, power, balance, letting go and joie de vivre.

Hindu given name, of Cambodian origin and Mongol ancestors, I am initially a painter and art therapist in Marseille.

As a child, when I was not painting on my side, I watched my sister and my father practice yoga every day, I received my mother's massages and I appreciated the teaching words of my animist and Buddhist parents.

Having grown up in the world of care, spirituality and energy through my education, my origins and my cultures, it is therefore very naturally and gradually that I move from 20 years to the path of Natha yoga which I was formed by Michèle Feraud in the tradition of Christian Tikhomiroff, author of Banquet of Shiva.

I teach with immense joy in several establishments (centers of well-being, schools, crèches, associations), form teaching teams and educators specialized in the techniques of relaxation, and proposes sessions of yoga and meditation in collective lessons as well with adults than children, always in a process of transmission and especially accompanying for a better interior ecology.

To practice and teach, I always prepare ritually, to feel very comfortable but also to feel beautiful, dense, no frills at once, like the yoga I teach.

I consider our body as a temple to which it is good and so natural to offer the comfort, safety, spiritual nourishment and beauty that is so good inside and out that it deserves.

I like to combine a light, comfortable, feminine top and a daring strand, associated with Thai trousers, ample, light and sober.

Below I always wear a comfortable bra with light fabric but sometimes sophisticated design and ultra feminine as the RISE or CHIC bra.

At BEM Store I find my great happiness especially with the highs of Spiritual gangster, eleventh , 2peace2dance et KD New York.

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