Yoga styles

  • Vinyasa Flow with FionaI am a teacher of Vinyasa Flow since about 3 years and a half and yogini since 10 years (and nurse too). The practice I impart is very dynamic, deep, nourishing and physically demanding. I have the deep conviction that there is as much yoga as teacher, that we transmit what we are first and foremost.
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  • Yin is a rather recent discipline which dates from the 1990s and was developed by the American Paul Grilley who followed the teachings of Paulie Zink and was interested in the work of Doctor Hiroshi Motoyama on the meridians and the chakras. However, this discipline has its origins in much older sources: Taoist philosophy and traditional Chinese medicine ...
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  • What is Jivamukti Yoga?
    Jivamukti yoga? It is a yoga discipline that is a derivative of ashtanga but above all that is guided by five very strong principles.

    She proposes a path to awakening by compassion for all beings ...
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